Tunnels of Time

from by Ben Bailey

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Tunnels of Time
This song is about a vision I see a lot of times walking in my neighborhood. The origination of the idea is from the idea of time dilation that is from Theory of special relativity. The thought is that at different speeds that relative time changes with your relative frame of reference. To add to that thought I think possibly time could be considered as a wave or a dimension in multi- dimensional space and can be woven to possibly the ether that holds all other forces like light and gravity together. Light can be related to gravity. Light possibly could have an inverse relationship to gravity because large light sources like the sun would have lower gravity per mass measurement as opposed to a low light source like a black hole would have a large amount of gravity per mass measurement.
When you look at space at length and the vastness of it, it is hard to look too long without the possibility of there being a god entering your head. We are the first generation to have proof of the vastness of space and those thoughts have shaped our attitudes about the universe. It is going to be interesting to what the next generation is able to see in the stars and possibly being alive when they put a man on mars. This will most likely help shape a generation.
I explore in the next verse the concept that time may not be a constant and is subject to a relative reference point. The nature of it being a wave may not lend itself as being a constant because in the very definition of a wave there is a peak and trough that are different and hence not constant. It is possible that time could be a function of mass and be subject to gravity and change to the relative observation point as it differs as you get closer to the massive objects center of gravity and hence not being a constant.
Some superstring theorists have gone on to say that there are several dimensions; some say as many as 26 dimensions. In an attempt to unify Gravity and electromagnetism Kaluza-Klein said there must be several dimensions not just ‘xyz but ‘xyzpqr and referenced shapes that are multidimensional. These shapes could also be characterized and viewed by three dimensional space which is highly contested and open to interpretation. Behavior of light patterns sent through these added dimensions would create a shattered pattern which would be an intriguing field of study. The art of music is mostly dealing with the unseen and sound can prove the existence of connections in vibrations like an eclipse can prove the existence of planetary bodies rotational orbits. In this album I think I have proved that all 12 tones can work together in the song and have energy transfers innate with each tone to the next tone. The next line is about a trip to the park, I had a clear vision one day when I was out walking of billows of smoke racing down the creek bed and the smoke turned into a crown with a head with a turned cheek maybe I should seek therapy. The next line is the thought that constants really are not constants and change with the environment. For example earth is a planetary body with 70% water and matter behaves differently submerged in any kind of fluid not to mention it would have a different gravitational pull with different elements and water basins within the same mass of the earth. Gravitation behaves different in respect to different masses like water and peoples weight. For instance the gravitational pull on the ocean changes with rotation on the sun and the moon to create the varying tides. It’s pull on the mass of the earth and the weight of any object or individuals weight goes unchanged which is counter intuitive you would think it would differ in relation to closeness of the sun and moon. It is interesting the constructs of matter, density and weight and the relationship of the ether time and sound and light which are interwoven in the space time dimension.

The next verse is about the spiritual experience of listening to music and exploring my own musical journey. My favorite song at the time was on the radio and was my first call from above to do what I love. There have been many restless nights staying awake for long hours and being tired and not able to sleep trying to write and memorize songs. If you gaze out as the bigness of space you can really get a perspective of your purpose. The next part of the song is questioning god and not wanting to question him. You just want the answers to be there and they are not. Sometimes you have to search for them and the act of searching can be depressing but it is important to keep trying. When my time comes, I want to know that I did all I could to help people and I can fly into the air in peace.


Tunnels of Time
F# E
Tunnels of time forms light into gravity
Beyond Neptune’s rings I find serendipity
Look into the stars find another galaxy
I know it’s not far beyond I will see
Bb D Eb FG BbCBb
Tunnels of time vibrations trough tide like situations underneath the creekside
Hidden dimensions subtract five to make six shattered patterns light the path I fix
Their in lies a few central themes where sound does eclipse not what is seen billows of smoke race down the creek turns into a crown with one turn cheek constants changing from valley to peak the questions still lingering those I do seek
Every little sound to break time is hard to see
Every little light to make time is certainly key
B7 acc C# BAb A7 acc B A acc F#
I hear my song I'm on my way
It’s my First Call I'll take today
Go back home and I'm too tired to sleep
Go outside and look at the sky I keep
3)Chorus In the Key of C
All I want to do is look into you and not ask why
The more I go wrong the less I stay strong just try
G A B7 to verse
The First Call has come and I just want to fly


from Out of Key, released January 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Ben Bailey Napa, California

Bustling Reggae Artist looking for mates to jam with in a singer songwriter format. If living in the Napa area call 707 495-7304 and I would be happy to play together.

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