Playing in the Street

from by Ben Bailey

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Playing in the Street
This is a song about the back packing experience and having no money but having a wonderful time. We were leaving Australia the next day and I was all out of Australian money and wanted to do an exchange into Fiji money and Australia had a minimum exchange value and it was expensive so I decided not to exchange, but I still wanted to eat so I tried my hand at busking and raised enough money to have pizza and a coke before we went to Fiji. It is a song about street performing and the excitement as well as the scariness of it. To function best in performance it is best to let your inhibitions go. I have seen others in society who make a small living or paid nothing at all for their efforts and thinking to myself maybe there is something appealing about that. After 10 hours at the office and nothing to show for it I have a tendency to think of it more fondly.
The chorus is about the walls in the train station where I was playing echoing and how that it felt as though they were singing to me. An aspect of performance that is important is revealing what is within and making yourself vulnerable. Most people are scared to reveal themselves to others. A street in a foreign country is a nice place to reveal one’s self. There is the fact you will never see these people again. From a career standpoint when thinking of your future career you naturally weight two things the burden of doing the job compared to the reward of the job. Each different archetype has different variables. For the most part music has less of a burden, in fact it is my favorite part of the day. As a generality the only income that would come would be in the form of education or performances. Other jobs that people choose are motivated more by monetary rewards. Doing your dream job possibly could have economic consequences to your family members or the government. Doing a job that alleviates a burden that would have been incurred by your client or customer which helps them. In return they have to part with their hard earned money. In economic philosophy it is important to remember one person’s debit is another person’s credit.
The second verse of the song is talking about the course of life and all the future decisions one will make. The decisions that you make now will affect the future. I hope my family that is past are my four leaf clovers in the sky. As a society we value hard work. People work really hard on their path and their road through life and there are a lot of tears and a lot of joy along the way. That is what this song is about and I hope you sing it and remember your loving family whom you have ties to.


Playing in the Street

1)Intro CC GG F ring drum fill In the Key of Eb
2)Verse: (syncopated) CC BbGFG GG BbAG FF AbFEbCBb CC
I went down to Central Station
Want to let my soul free
We all need a vacation
In this place you call reality
I passed by him making a dime
His rhythm brings me to my feet
He’s got no money but he’s doing just fine
Because he’s playing in the street

3)Chorus In the Key of C+F#
G F (CE G6 F# C D Horn Line)
I began playing the walls started singing back to me
I began singing maybe its something inside to see
They all passed me by - people I will never meet
I remember Why-I am playing in the street

The Road of life has so many turns
I got a four leaf clover in the sky
The road of life has so many turns
She watches me with loving eyes

We got our hands on this road
You got the tears of life in your eyes
I got a song you don't know
Together we will sing it with loving ties

I began playing the walls started singing to me
I began singing maybe its something inside to see
They all passed me by - people I will never meet
I remember Why-I am playing in the street
4)Jam include C# In the Key of Eb


from Out of Key, released January 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Ben Bailey Napa, California

Bustling Reggae Artist looking for mates to jam with in a singer songwriter format. If living in the Napa area call 707 495-7304 and I would be happy to play together.

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