On Top of My World

from by Ben Bailey

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On Top of my World
I believe a lot of people are living in various states of fear, money problems, losing their job, losing their house, illness. Focusing on preventing these problems should only take 40 hours a week 30 if you are doing manual labor. The rest of the time should be focused on something that gives you joy. If you cross that threshold of being able to be different outside your regular work environment and make that commitment to yourself, I think you will live a more favorable existence.
Sometimes family and friends are not always supportive of this behavior. If you are doing something at TV volume that does not encumber anyone else’s existence it should pay them no attention. If money is an issue which it often is, you could possibly give up some of your vacation time or eating out and save your drinking money to pay for it.
The chorus is saying when I am playing guitar I am the most on top of my world and free. Some dreams do not come true and you should work hard in sales, teaching or construction, whatever path you choose for yourself. What gives you individuality is what you choose to do with your nights and weekends. By living out your dreams even if you are alone in your room with a guitar you will be living on top of your world.

In the second verse I had this vision of all these different faces and souls going through my body. There was this 19 day period in which my waking thoughts were really alarming and I was uncertain of my capacity and coping with that emotional turmoil in my life. The justice of that condition is hard to swallow. If you weight the positive and negative, and there is some negative I think I am lucky to see the world the way I see it through my eyes.

The last chorus, when I play I feel like my souls aflame and the little reservations I have the better. Hopefully the stars will shine for us tonight and light our path.

The 3rd verse is about the spiritual world and I hope when my time is done I will be able to look down on many more shows like the ones we are seeing today. It is a world that is undefined and does not contain any matter and can go undiscovered by the living but hopefully you will see it’s light. You literally do not need to pay to fly when you are among them. Hopefully we can all gather here and have a lovely evening and perhaps gaze into the eternal light that someday we will inevitably become as we shed are worldly vessels.


On Top of my world

1) Intro Solo riff variation including Bb AB F
2).Verse In the Key of G+C#
G A C D CC E7 E7 C6 D9
Living in fear, is something that I definitely know
G A C D C C E7 E7 C6 A
Stay out of the box you will see exactly where to go
E E D C C A C# A E bend
Cross these lines and you will find a world that you won’t know
E E D C C A A C# A
Dare to Dream you will see a different life to sow

Chorus Key of E
3) B6 A6 AC#EEbC#
Don’t tell me my dream has died
Don’t tell me to turn out the light
When the only way out of this place is that door
I am standing on top on top of my world

Give me all your rhythm cause faces shades of mine
19 more days of coping then I will be just fine
I am not satisfied with justice I just need some time
For in these days you will see a world that’s not mine.

I feel the fire rolling through my soul
When I sing this rock and roll
When the reservations dwindle to a few
And the constellations show light in view

Give me all your rhythm cause I got the time
Alas this place is so undefined
A realm yet undiscovered where you don’t pay to fly
Satisfied souls all meet here with delight


from Out of Key, released January 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Ben Bailey Napa, California

Bustling Reggae Artist looking for mates to jam with in a singer songwriter format. If living in the Napa area call 707 495-7304 and I would be happy to play together.

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