Old Oak Tree

from by Ben Bailey

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Old Oak tree

This first verse is about those beautiful nights in Austin Texas on the docks of the river and all the parties and bands that played there and the youth and exuberance in that college town. Hopefully the gods were looking down on us to create many memories.

This song is also about an old oak tree that has been around my neighborhood for as long as I remember and it reminds me of childhood. It is a symbol of wisdom strength and the call for us all to go back to nature and preserve it as best we can and eat organically whenever possible. The wisdom and this antiquity of the tree can be heard in the spirits around us and the abundance on earth that we have been presented with shall not be forgotten. We can summon our strength in our commitment and vitality concur the issues that plague us. We can capture the strength of the ghosts that have gone before us hopefully look over us guiding our path.
The subject matter changes in the next part of the song. It is the attempt to have a relationship via Facebook but the establishment of the relationship is predicated upon her friending me back. Then the song takes an introspective turn to a person that was in my life that had some trouble seeing the beauty and intelligence of herself. Possibly the root of her angst is not being connected to her sense of purpose and belonging, or taking other individuals in the social setting attitudes to her too personally. I think we are reminded of different stages of our life of our purpose. We will all have people in our lives that disagree with us.

The next verse starts on the dock again of the golden nights on the Austin river. The tales of those passed being told through the young bands that were playing. The song continues with being with a person that you think is special and locked up with her in your mind and the electrons that spark the two of you in the ensuing conversations, uncovering the other person’s thoughts. When I say speed of time I am speaking about time being a wave function and therefore could have speed, most likely around the speed of light. In this union the secrets of life could be found in the critical mass which could be made up of the most elementary particles or vibrations. A collection of vibrations could make up a quark and a collection of quarks make up a proton. This transition of matter through different stages is a personal belief of mine.

The statement let’s turn this thing around is a message to all seeking change. Next part of the song is explaining that oil is getting to the point where it has a degree of scarcity and we must find an alternative to it as an energy source. In the institution gasoline legislation has been prevalent and those shattered cracks must be mended to alter the production of an electric car hopefully we can have a new trend of purchasing vehicles that do not consume as much petrol.


Old Oak tree
C#Eb F F# Ab Bb Ab F#
Hey you and me dancing in the moonlight
Go and set me free down by dockside
A message of hope for our future
We have this night for the gods to nurture
E AAb hamer
Coming in on the city lights wise like the old oak tree
Coming in these people sing I can see them magically
Running around this abundant earth writing my poetry
Summoned all the ghosts of delight wise like the old oak tree

F# A F# A F# A B C#
Fall on my knees beg you darling please fall on my knees
Now and again I wish we were friends now I see you again
A A A C# D E D
Maybe you'll see the world like I see you Oh yeah
Maybe you'll find footsteps in the wind
Maybe you'll see the ocean when you’re feeling blue
Just think of me once and then facebook me again

Hey you and me dancing on the moonlight
Go and set me free down by dockside
A message of hope for our future
We ask this night for the gods to nurture

No other reason than this I live away out yonder past the rivers of gold
With no other feeling than this I give some tales I wonder past from the old
Our minds locked up circle of life electrons flying at the speed of time
Our minds locked up the secrets of life reach critical mass at the density of light

Fall on my knees beg you darling please fall on my knees
Now and again I wish we were friends now I see you again

Counting down the hours to the real solution
Oils getting empty lets end this pollution
The shattered cracks vested in the institution
Just look at me once then bring it back again


from Out of Key, released January 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Ben Bailey Napa, California

Bustling Reggae Artist looking for mates to jam with in a singer songwriter format. If living in the Napa area call 707 495-7304 and I would be happy to play together.

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