Money Tree

from by Ben Bailey

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Money Tree
This is a song about printing money for the poor. To avoid the argument of too much printing of money causes inflation, it is important to remember citizens of poverty have a deflated currency and printing money will cause the currency to inflate to normal inflation indexes and create a larger middle class. If the government goes into the business of providing lower income housing for the lower 15% of housing they can use any profit from rental payments from welfare state recipients to pay down taxes. The recipients would have a vested interest in paying to move up the latter to a nicer abode. If they lose money, then they can pay any loss with tax income.
The welfare state is important to establish in all developing nations to lift the burden of income inequality. I believe that it will help aid crime like larceny, drug smuggling, and prostitution giving people a choice to not engage in criminal activity to secure the rights to food and shelter that is so basic to them. When you go to the city and look at the skyline you see grand displays of wealth and in the same vicinity you see extremely poor citizens. It should be a moral imperative to help those burdened individuals. There is quite a bit of despair in those cities and it really retracts from beauty of them. Having high levels of impoverished citizens could be viewed as a market failure as well.
If we had the difference from the false pathways and the true paths humanity has taken. We could of developed as a society a lot quicker. There will be a select few stewards of change who stand out and unafraid to stand against those that oppose that change. We can awake that integrity in the youth of tomorrow. Those sins of over consumption, waste, greed bring your spirit out of equilibrium and naturally you live a less robust life. When you focus too much on all the negative aspects of life and on the negative products you have access to when you are living, you may get lost in a delirium of fattening food, alcohol abuse and consumption patterns that may infringe on your physical wellbeing. It is important to live to give, not live to take. I really hope we as a society can invent our way out of production of energy via the archaic avenue of coal. Global warming is a reality and the hypothermal layered pollution of fossil fuels is endangering our planet. We need not hesitate in the different proposed solutions and take action direct resources to rid the world of fossil fuels. Let us all try to jump on the backs and support the technological exothermal heat centered solutions. The song takes a switch to the welfare state and recoil to those that are oppressing citizens for the soul reason of exploiting them for low wages. After the lower 15% of the welfare state there should be state run rent control system that would make up all investments from 15%-30% of purchase prices. The rest would remain a laissez fair format yielding only to property tax. There are individuals who oppress the garnering of wage. Whether it be a set minimum wage in which many industrialized countries have appended to their law, or a degree of socialization that allows no man or woman to go without their requisite building blocks of life. Either one, we shall recoil against those individuals who are for bargaining inequality. We shall answer the call with our strength and energy and preserve this great state of aid. We shall answer those with the beckoning cry of hunger with food and shelter. We shall answer all those in need whether it be medical care, education or food and shelter in this country and abroad. We shall answer the call deep within ourselves to give back not to take from this beloved society.

The songs and literature of those past has watched great people inspire a larger mass of people. To explore and be on the forefront of new technologies, to lift us out of claims and insure a new environment for those that are young. The indoctrination and reformation of a collective worldly union to certify that climate control will not hamper our efforts to survive. Hopefully are collective selves can build advantageous machines that will propel our nation into the future. The questions that have gone un answered to humanity we can collectively look to the heavens for answers. The answers from above will subvert and controvert those standing in the way of progress, those standing for greed, those standing for violence. We are all longing for the speech, systems and structure that is needed to address and adhere to those people whom are looking for an investment in society. Not monetary investment but people investment, living investment, spiritual investment in their daily living. We stand for a united purpose that transcends all the ills of the world. It gives a new day and a new purpose to all those that want one. A refreshing vitality that is more important than your morning coffee. A purpose that fulfills and replenishes you throughout the day. A purpose greater than yourself. We furnish these statements to adapt our lives to do something important. To free ourselves to pursue and discover the patterns that will abstactively guide us to what you are supposed to do and whom you are supposed to be.


Shake the Money Tree
Let the welfare state be a gift to all men and women and an escape from lives of crime and abandonment. As citizens we have the means to create skyscrapers and mansions but cannot find the resources to create the basic building block of life including inexpensive food and shelter for those born in despair and despondence of the segregation of poverty made by our own market failures.
Difference from false pathways we have taken
Alarmed and unafraid stewards awaken
The sins of the world leaves the soul out of equilibrium
Weathered and lost in a forsaken delirium
Limit the functions of coal society creates
Hypothermal layered pollution estate
It is time to act and not hesitate
In the exothermal solution we shall mediate
Foreseen are the problems with the lost welfare state
Revelations are bound I hope it is not too late
Those who walk against fulfilling poverty
Our oppression recoils from our strength and energy
Am G
Going to Washington DC
Shake that money tree
Poor economies are not inflationary
Shake that money for free

Requiem for those passed to urge the payment
And fulfillment of their own environment claimant
Larger reform to request their indoctrination
In advantages that build a better nation
Questions I divert to the expert in the sky
Answers should subvert and controvert the lies
Longing for the soliloquy that is a refreshment
Adhere to the people that want a social investment
Furnished those statements adaptive
Emancipate those patterns abstractive

Going to Washington DC
Shake that money tree
Poor economies are not inflationary
Shake that money for free


from Out of Key, released January 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Ben Bailey Napa, California

Bustling Reggae Artist looking for mates to jam with in a singer songwriter format. If living in the Napa area call 707 495-7304 and I would be happy to play together.

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