Light of my Life

from by Ben Bailey

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Light of my Life
This song is about the entrance of a soul mate in my life schematic. I was sort of testing the waters engaging in behavior I was not really proud of. I met her and I just was not financially ready or spiritually ready to start a family. I tried various other relationships and none of them really worked. One day said this is enough and just stopped dating altogether and waited for my final relationship. I am still waiting for my final relationship hopefully she will find me.
I hope her soul streams down and hover’s over me at night. Hope are relationship is harnessed with blessing from above. I am periodically skeptical of love stories because there is just so many in our culture. There is also so many accounts of people who want their freedom back from the normal marriage situation. So as the course of life goes on you challenge the other side. You see partnering as the means to find a nice roommate and it is easier to buy a property with two incomes. So love can rear its head into business and finances. Also the concept of a soul mate also comes into play. Maybe this girl is the one person that you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with and can unlock your heart with her magic key. She is linked to you and will be your perfect companion to find the answers to all the questions that society cannot answer. God has granted you two to conquer the largest quests and given you the key to the Priori Zion and the map to find the Holy Grail.
The chorus is about the star crossed lover, hearts colliding and sharing your deepest darkest secrets with each other.
In the second verse there are some possible scenarios I wished would happen. I dreamed we could take walks down the lower hallowed span of the creek by both of our houses. How we would witness the blessing together that has occurred in both of our lives. How we were so fortuitous that we met each other. We would be so happy that we would see beautiful colors before us in absolute bliss. When we think of each other our souls will both fly away. We can uncover the great secrets in space together. The timing of the relationship will be perfect and our portraits shadows etched in heaven. I hope you too find a relationship like that and I hope I do as well. Your identity lies in the search.


Light of my life
Stream down and hover over me
Harnessed with blessing heaven be
Satire for love stories you’ll see me
The world is yearning to be free

Light of my life find away
Throughout this forest on a sunny day
I know you got the magic key
For this set find priory

F# Bb Eb Ab F
I tell you I tell you our hearts collide
I tell you I tell you you can confide
Love Love Loveido

Mix of color blond hair streaks
Fall down the hallowed love I seek
Witnessed of a blessing has occurred
A center of fortune been rendered
Upon the colors lay before me
Thinking of you fly you’ll see
Thousand secrets in space
Timing and shadows that I grace

I tell you tell you our hearts collide
I tell you I tell you you can confide
Love Love Loveido

I hope you find what your looking for!
Your identity lies in the search.


from Out of Key, released January 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Ben Bailey Napa, California

Bustling Reggae Artist looking for mates to jam with in a singer songwriter format. If living in the Napa area call 707 495-7304 and I would be happy to play together.

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