Enchanted Hollow

from by Ben Bailey

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Enchanted Hallow
The Enchanted hallow is a double adjective describing a magical place. The song came to me extremely quickly. The first verse came to me basically verbatim. It was the quickest I ever wrote a verse. The reference to Saturn is talking about the Cassini images in which are earth is pictured as a pale blue dot alongside the simmering Saturn rings and the beautiful speech that Carl Sagan spoke of. Hastings shadow is a reference to the Hastings castle in England. It is said that Thomas Becket roams the halls there. He was a Christ like figure in England like Jesus he was persecuted for his beliefs. I hope their spirits rescue me unscathed and people that are for change, are allowed to speak in peace. The next part of the song is about the peasants and textile workers whom still are burdened and overworked. They still are the unspoken glue that holds commerce together and creates products we all use. In that time period they were forced to be quiet. I can only imagine the somber time that quelled their laughter. After the song was written, I had a dream that I was alive in this era presumably in the 1100’s with a lantern in my hand working at a train station and how much of the day was dedicated to work. They did not have comfort and speed that has been granted to us in the 21st century. Another aspect of the song is talking about meat production and the chickens “feathers falling.” I can only imagine the pain that is endured to feed humans by animals. There is an unspoken pleasure that is granted humans at the expense of these animals. A great deal of land in fact 40% of the worlds ice less land is dedicated to livestock production and methane from mainly cows is detrimental to our environment because of the green house gases. Eating of meat can lead to extended health problems as well. When people speak out about it, they are usually criticized or silenced and feel as though they are trapped in a well.
A lot of times I wonder where humanity has come from and where it is going to go. All the political struggles that ensue that affect everyone’s lives. It is important to consider those opinions but do not let them dictate yours. As time goes on and your career progresses people become closer and move farther apart but I try not to let the political winds guide my behavior, opinions and thoughts. Some of the conflicts that have arose a long time ago when the only lights were “flickering flames” and the people would tell “tall tragedies” like the story of the Hastings shadow and Thomas Beckett that are engrained in sadness and last breath gasped by him hopefully brings a sea of change, brings new light and a new season like a new autumn where are reality this reality will be true. The statement I am U2 is in regards to the generations that are born and die then reborn. It is my belief that my soul has probably been given plethora of different occupations and tasks and I probably have the capacity to do a number of them. I could of chosen a number of different trades and I happen to choose being a business person and singer songwriter cause I definitely needed a backup plan especially if one of your trades is a songwriter. The thought is that I have the potential to do anything even be what you are. And you have the potential to be anything even what I am. The last line says I am U2 because we are part of the same whole and have the ability to make a more connected community.
In the second verse the images of Cassini are looking all around and we are the first generation of kids flooded with satellite images of google earth, Hubble space telescope and GPS. There are similar qualities looking down on the earth of where water accumulates and grows plant life on the low lying areas. Or the energy in lightning bolts as it travels through the path of least resistance in the sky. Another example is when you stare at a clear pool, the energy lines of light that travel around the water. These patterns could be a representation of what happens at the quantum level as linear energy could be construed as a superstring. If you look into my heart know what is important I really want to find another form of energy, like when candle light disappeared in favor of the light bulb that transmutes electricity into light through tungsten. Inside this energy there lies some of the unifying elements like time, gravity and mass.
When I look up above me hopefully the gods are looking down. I hope the angels are among us around this beautiful valley. It is scary when the curtains lift for the first time opening the door to the spiritual world. To create world peace we must allow people’s right to peacefully immigrate through the military ramparts, enclaves and borders without a fight.
Third verse is saying that all I can think about are the mistakes I have made in my life which haunt me. I want desperately to make up for them before I die. I wish I had a new beginning again I would try my best not to sin ever again.


Enchanted Hallow
Enchanted is the hallow simmering Saturn rings
Hastings shadows I follow on night’s wings
Rescue me unbroken on time I dwell
Throughout threads unspoken the laughter that quell
On these streets I follow loosened lantern swings
Hastings shadows I wallow on Saturn’s rings
Pleasure me unspoken on feathers that fell
Thoughts go un-woken feeling trapped in a well
F# B Ab Bb
Wandering where we come from Saturn’s on my plane
Where we go friend or foe thoughts on my page
Flicker Flame Tall Tragedy’s the same
Leaves with a gasp but leaves they do change
Autumn comes finds reality true
Whispers in your ear I am U2

Falling out above me Saturn’s looking all around
To the rivers below me our superstring is found
Window in my heart candle of light disappears
The string is torn apart time gravity and mass is here

Looking up above me spirits looking down on the ground
Angels among us flying all around this town
Hold me tight feels alright its time to lift the curtain
When Ramparts are broken fighting causes death for certain

Wandering where we come from Saturn’s on my plane
Where we go friend or foe thoughts on my page
Flicker Flame Tall Tragedy’s the same
Leaves with a gasp but leaves they do change
Autumn comes finds reality true
Whispers in your ear I am U2

All I can think about are my mistakes
I want to make up for them by the time my soul takes
A new beginning again
A new life without sin

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. CSagan


from Out of Key, released January 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Ben Bailey Napa, California

Bustling Reggae Artist looking for mates to jam with in a singer songwriter format. If living in the Napa area call 707 495-7304 and I would be happy to play together.

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