Caves of Staves

from by Ben Bailey

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Staves Cellars
This song is about Napa Valley and all its glory. I have lived here nearly all my life left for a while and have come back and have decided to make it my permanent home as well as a great place to visit.
This is a song about the beautiful Napa Valley in which I call home. The first line is about walking in the forest with the wind and the trees behind me. Next line is about walking through the wine cellars where barrels of wine sit and age. Often times the oak will fuse with the wine and you can feel it come alive in your mouth like a carol. In Napa, the country side is amazing from the Maycamus western range to the Vacca eastern range. The wind can whistles by you and the trees slowly wade next to you in harmony with the day. The Pinot noir that is made down south in the bay breeze is a kin to the dry hot climate up north that is responsible for Cabernet and Merlot. It is fascinating that two wines come from those two close microclimates and the origination of the root stalk is most likely unified and ingrained in each other. Rhone varietals like Pinot Noir originated from France relatively near Bordeaux which produces Merlot and Cabernet.

I look to the stars for guidance and hopefully they help me in my quest to have better rhythm and hear the collective heartbeat of all those around me. I think it is wonderful to have the grape vines so close to us and hopefully we can all think about the night and remember where we are.
When I look at myself and what I want to be and how I appear to others it is important that I have a magnanimous outlook and give as much as I can to others and take a minimal amount from society. I try to wear different hats and have in the past worked several different careers. Situations change in your life and by being able to adapt and change with them will make you flexible in your chosen career which is called vicissitude. Do not trade your integrity for money and do not sell your soul. Try to always be mindful and sensible in your pursuits. Your self-worth should be preserved always and be completely separate from your income. You can get tricked by people promising money, but you can also fall onto hard times if you completely ignore economics and do not participate in the work force at all. Sometimes I wish the economic system was not as large of a focus for society or a so called “death of wealth”. A lot of people in all employment avenues do a lot of great work and do not get fairly compensated for their efforts. On the other hand if you do not deal with scarcity people tend to take too much. I enjoy art and think everyone should try on a small scale do a song or memorize a poem or their vows. Defy the evils in your world carve your whole new life with whole new group of people and be your own person and define your own niche. Social Darwinism is a policy or viewpoint that undermines religion and altruistic behavior. It states that those who sell to poor people, employ poor people are going to inevitably move up the food chain. Those people will make money from the backs of those employees. On the other hand they are supplying a product that people have a demand for. There can be conflicting and polarizing issues, but I think it helps to have an open mind. I hope you will have time to go over these ideas, spread these ideas, disperse these ideas. I will do my best to submerse myself in policy and immerse myself in these intellections. Hopefully I have time to rehearse my guitar playing is a touch pitchy.


Staves Cellar
G Bb Eb C aug G F Bb
Running through the forest fall into the trees
God it looks gorgeous wind behind me
I walk in caves with silver and staves on a barrel
Sweet wine eclectic signs oak carol
Whistle wilderness wades in the wind
Flows sweet pinot noir it’s a kin
Unity clause that’s ingrained
Creating this dark energy plane
Dark star nebula turns into vapor
Say peace be with you to your planetary neighbor

E maj7AAb B AbB AbAB
I look to the stars for a solid backbeat
I look to the sky for a rhyme complete
I look up above to hear your heartbeat
The grape vines are below on my side
and everything is going just fine nanana
I got me some time to think about tonight

As the story turns to my spiritual appearance
I give to charity and keep my minimal clearance
I have vicissitude some changeability
Situations rearrange it gives me flexibility
My soul won’t be sold no salability
Look in your mind for some sensibility
Turn away from the pearl and find the preservation of self
A merle singing at the death of wealth
Memorize a poem it won't make you rich
Let the devil be thrown carve your own niche
Darwinism and altruism can be conflicting terms
An open mind gives the greatest returns
These ideas diffuse and disperse and I know I need to rehearse
I allow myself to submerse and immerse at worst
I look to the stars for a solid backbeat
I look to the sky for a rhyme complete
I look up above to hear your heartbeat
The grape vines are below on my side
and everything is going just fine nanana
I got me some time to think about tonight


from Out of Key, released January 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Ben Bailey Napa, California

Bustling Reggae Artist looking for mates to jam with in a singer songwriter format. If living in the Napa area call 707 495-7304 and I would be happy to play together.

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